Why You Need a Professional Window Cleaner

Cleaning your windows in Prescott will help them last longer. Call MTO Janitorial for professional window cleaning.There’s more to cleaning windows in Prescott than just to soap up and squeegee away. Windows accumulate dust, dirt and grime before we know it. The combination of rain, snow, wind and pollutants that come from the streets diminish the glimmer and leave an undesirable film on the exterior of our windows. MTO Janitorial has a few tips to make your windows dazzle.

Begin by scrubbing the window clean.  The scrubbing process removes tough stains that a simple soap-and-squeegee can’t touch. Any built-up tree sap or pest droppings will be wiped away so that you hardly realize you are looking through a window when you peer outside.

Ask for help. An extra set of eyes combing your property around the windows can help you notice any problem areas before they become more serious. Look for poorly-fitted screens, broken seals, sashes that are painted shut, rotting sills, or damaged and dysfunctional windows.  Identify the problems so that a solution can be found fast.

Bees and hornets typically erect their nests behind window shutters, while wasps love moving into storm windows. Ladybugs also like to settle into window channels, making windows tough to operate. Clean this area thoroughly and dispose of any of these problem areas so that your family is kept safe from bug bites, and from malfunctioning windows. Properly working windows help if an emergency escape is needed.

Cleaning your windows helps them last longer. Removing corrosive contaminants has obvious positive implications for the lifespan of your windows. Old aluminum screens will also gradually deteriorate over time, etching deposit patterns onto your windows. These are not only unsightly, but deposits also make your windows more prone to cracks and chips in the future

Window cleaning is normally put off. We become distracted by keeping the high traffic areas clean. Setting up ladders and lugging buckets and squeegees only adds to the chore. After all of that you might not be satisfied with the results. By sunset, the windows might look streaky. Squeegeeing requires more skill than you might think, and learning a new skill isn’t easy when you are already tiring yourself out moving your ladder and supplies into position.

Save yourself the trouble and the safety hazard by calling a professional janitorial service, or professional window cleaning service. MTO Janitorial has a highly trained and experienced staff and they have cleaned countless windows to unparalleled standards. Give yourself a break, or do what you do best: run your business. Leave the window cleaning to us; we’ll bring the ladders and professional cleaning supplies. Just call us at 928-772-0004 to schedule a free estimate.