Why choose a professional janitorial service for commercial cleaning?

MTO Janitorial is the professional commercial cleaner you need for your Prescott business.
Do your regular employees take on a dual role as a janitor? As a business owner, it is tempting to have your employees cover many positions. After all, it saves time, money, and effort, right? When it comes to commercial cleaning, you may be losing more than you are saving by letting your employees do the work. MTO Janitorial educates Prescott business owners on hiring a professional janitorial service for commercial cleaning.

Commercial Cleaning Is Not Home Cleaning
All of your employees, hopefully, know how to clean their home. While home cleaning may seem like the same task as commercial cleaning, it is not. The types of equipment, chemicals, and practices used are very different in a business environment. Additionally, there is a lot more foot traffic in the workplace than a home, which means there is a lot more dirt and germs that need removing.

You Are Not Saving Money
It may seem like having your employees spend a little extra time after work to clean up is cheaper than a janitorial service, but the numbers don’t add up. Employees are typically much slower than professional cleaning services because it is not their regular job. You must also spend time managing them to make sure the job is done. This means you end up paying more per hour. Additionally, you are taking on significant risk. If an employee gets injured while doing a job outside of their regular scope of work, your insurance may not cover the costs.

Employees Don’t Have the Proper Training
Commercial cleaning products and cleaning equipment require special training. You could train them when they are first hired, but you would also need to offer continued education for updated cleaning products, equipment, and practices.

Providing a clean space for your employees and customers is essential for every business. But you, as the business owner, want to make sure the job is done quickly, accurately, and affordably. Professional cleaning services let you have it all. MTO Janitorial is the right choice when it comes to commercial cleaning at your Prescott business. For information, call 928-772-0004