Waiting Room Cleaning: How to Combat Icky Germs

It's essential for a medical staff to work in a clean office environment in Prescott. MTO Janitorial is here to help.Door knobs: Hands pass on more germs than any other body part, and dozens of hands touch the door knobs every day. Wipe them clean with disposable wipes after every appointment, also remember the main entry door.

 Soap and hand sanitizer dispensers: Dirty hands touch these dispensers all day long. An unknown number of germs spread to the next person who uses them. A quick wipe down with disposable wipes quickly takes care of the problem.

Exam room chairs: It’s important to clean the chairs reserved for the patients. Clean the doctors’ chairs, too. The close quarters of an exam room mean that every piece of furniture could potentially be exposed to germs and diseases.

Keeping your office clean during work hours is essential. Consider having a set of duties for each staff member:

•    Biohazard waste: use specific containers and disinfect any work areas that come in contact with biohazards immediately.
•    Place gloves into infectious waste containers.
•    Wash hands after each patient visit. Don’t spread germs.
•    Trash should be removed frequently and not left to pile up for a cleaning company.
•    Check the restrooms, public and employee, and add a disinfectant germicidal solution to the toilet bowls during the day.
•    Clean doorknobs and light switch plates with disinfectant.
•    Use exam room table disposable paper and disinfect the table after each use.
•    Keep employee work areas clean. Less mess and clutter equals more productivity. Remind employees to keep their respective areas tidy, clean, and uncluttered by way of signage and/or at staff meetings.
•    If you have a break room, kitchen, or lunchroom, make sure areas are cleaned up after use. Encourage staff to take home all unused items from the refrigerator on a weekly basis. Toss all items one night a week and thoroughly wipe it down the next morning.
•    If something spills, clean it up immediately. Use appropriate cleaning solutions and never let substances sit on the floor.

Office cleaning habits are a reflection of your practice, and it’s important to stress that extra care is required in the medical setting. It’s necessary for all staff members to pitch in and do their part. First impressions say much to a prospective patient, and working in a clean environment is essential for medical staff. Clean waiting rooms, exam rooms, front desks, and bathrooms are important. Keeping germs at bay is prudent. In the medical office, a simple surface cleaning and pickup just is not enough and that’s where you may find it more practical to get in touch with MTO Janitorial in Prescott. Find out how the deep cleaning details can be handled by a professional staff after hours. Call 928-772-0004