Tips on how to choose your commercial cleaning service

MTO Janitorial is raising the standard for commercial cleaning in Prescott.Are you considering hiring a janitorial service for your commercial facility? If so, here are a few recommendations from the professionals at MTO Janitorial on choosing the best janitorial service for your Prescott commercial building.

Check their online reviews
Everyone is a critic now and the internet makes or breaks reputations daily. Read reviews, all of them. It’s difficult to please everyone, but you can see whether or not a company has mostly positive reviews from their customers or not. You can also see if and what the company says in response to any negative reviews.

Compare Services
Like most service providers there are plenty to choose from. Make sure to compare services, frequency, rates, and even how long they’ve been in business. Compare fees and what’s included. All the services provided and how often services are performed should be detailed in your quote. You want not only the best commercial cleaning rates but the best service as well.

Be Sure To Ask for References From Clients
It seems that many business owners don’t ask for recommendations from existing clients. Getting in touch with an existing or previous client can be the difference between who you hire or don’t hire. You’ll want to ask references how long they have used the janitorial service. Are they satisfied? Disappointed? Are they planning on renewing their contract?

Verify Proof of Insurance
Office cleaning can come with challenges. Property can be damaged; accidents caused by wet floors or other aspects of cleaning could occur. The company and its cleaning crews must be insured against any related incidents. It is vital to ensure that your commercial cleaning company is properly insured.

Hopefully, these tips will help guide you as you choose a professional cleaning service for your Prescott office or business. At MTO Janitorial, we are raising the standard for commercial cleaning. For more information or for a free evaluation on your facility, call MTO Janitorial today at 928-772-0004