Tips for Spring Maintenance for your Business

For help with spring cleaning your office, just call MTO JanitorialSpring is here and many people use this time of year to get things back in order after the winter months. In Prescott, Spring cleaning isn’t just for homes, it’s also a good practice for your business. Getting a fresh start with spring cleaning is a smart, proactive move to protect and beautify your facility. A well-cared-for building also enhances the health and morale of the people in it. MTO Janitorial would like to share a few tips on commercial maintenance items that should be on your Spring checklist.

HVAC – Now’s the time to get the air conditioning unit ready for the warmer summer weather, It’s a good idea to clean the condensing coils so that they have good air flow to work more efficiently. It’s also the time to install new air filters throughout the office. Remember, your air conditioner has been sitting all winter, collecting dust and debris. Preventive maintenance now will enhance the work area and help keep the office cool this summer.

Restrooms – These normally get cleaned on a regular basis, but it’s also a good idea to do a thorough, deep cleaning in these areas. Spring is a good time to take care of that task. This is also a good time to look at the toilet paper holders, soap dispensers, paper towel holders, etc to make sure they are in good working order, and if not to repair them..

Floors & Carpets – Winter can be hard on your flooring. Whether it’s hard floors or carpeting, Spring is  good time to do a deep cleaning to help remove the signs of winter that have been tracked in. Stripping and waxing (or other care appropriate to the material) will extend the life of your hard surfaces. Shampooing carpets will keep them new looking and also reduce allergens.

Little stuff – Addressing small details can add up to huge improvements in appearance and functionality. As you walk through your facility watch for small items that need attention and deal with them right away, before they become bigger problems. Some things to inspect for repair/replacement are: doors (door sweeps, door stops, sticking locks, etc.), corner guards, tile and grout, light switches and plates, ceiling tiles, countertops and shelving, cabinets and hinges, and fire extinguishers.

The warmer weather can make Spring a great time to give new life to your facility. If your business is busy, these type of cleaning tasks may be difficult. Not to worry ~ MTO Janitorial has trained technicians that come walk through your facility with you to determine your cleaning needs and provide the necessary services. If your Prescott area business needs a Spring cleaning, why not call MTO Janitorial today for a quote – 928-772-0004.