Tips for keeping your retail store inviting

If you want customers to keep coming into your store, they need to feel welcome. The cleanliness of your retail space sends an almost subliminal message, communicating how much you care about your customers and their experience. MTO Janitorial has some tips for keeping your Prescott retail store inviting.

Clean floors

Especially in the summer months, when the light is brighter and the monsoons bring mud and puddles, your floors need to be regularly cleaned and swept. Clean floors show that you not only care about the aesthetic factor, but your customers’ safety as well.

Dusted displays

Dust free displays and shelves reveal your store to be a place where things are always changing, which means people should come back often. Besides, if no one has bought that thing that’s been sitting so long it has a “dust wig”, why should they?

Sparkling clean windows

Nobody should even notice your windows, that’s how clean they should be. 

The bathrooms

This one hopefully goes without explanation. Why would you invite someone into your space but not give them clean facilities?

The space between the car and the door

Why stop at the front door?  Let your customers know you care by giving them a clean, pressure washed space to park in, a freshly swept sidewalk and well trimmed landscaping. 

Hospitality starts with cleanliness. But keeping a retail space spick-and-span can be a daunting task with all the other tasks needing to be done. Let MTO Janitorial help. Our services are fully customizable, and scalable to fit your business’ needs. We schedule our work around yours so your customers won’t be interrupted as they explore your space. For a free estimate on professional janitorial services at your Prescott commercial facility, contact MTO Janitorial at 928-772-0004.