Tips for cleaning floors at your business

MTO Janitorial offers expert floor and carpet cleaning services for your Prescott commercial facility.Everybody has floors! Most homes have at least two different types of flooring surfaces: carpeting and tile being the most common combination.The various flooring types also have very different cleaning needs. MTO Janitorial offers some tips for cleaning all kinds of floors at your Prescott business.

Regularly vacuum carpet depending on how much floor traffic your office environment has. In busier places, carpets have to be vacuumed every day. Vacuuming helps remove dust and allergens that can lead to office-wide illness. Carpet also needs to be cleaned with a professional carpet cleaning machine to get the bacteria hiding under the thick fibers.

Sweeping often is honestly one of the best ways to clean hardwood floors. Using too much water or liquid cleaner can ruin your floors because wood is porous. Instead, to clean up those sticky spots and juice spills, use a liquid cleaner meant for hardwood floors.

Vinyl and Laminate
Similar to hardwood, you also want to be careful about the amount of water you use on your vinyl and laminate floors. These materials have seams that can allow excess water to seep underneath and loosen the adhesive. Excess moisture will cause vinyl flooring to peel and laminate flooring to expand. It’s bet to take care of them just by sweeping and lightly mopping them.

Be careful about what kind of tile you have before cleaning, since some tiles don’t do well with abrasive chemicals. Also, grout is not level with tile, so make sure to use a cleaning brush that can clean grout as well as tile.

Believe it or not, concrete is actually somewhat porous as well! While concrete seems hard and impenetrable, it can absorb stains and dirt particles. To avoid a difficult cleaning situation, seal it with a concrete sealant. Then you can use a broom to easily sweep up debris.

Love your floors by learning the best ways to take care of them. The carpeting and floors at your Prescott business will last longer with proper cleaning. For a free estimate on keeping your Prescott business clean and extending the life of your carpets and flooring, give MTO Janitorial a call today at 928-772-0004.