The Special Needs of Cleaning a Medical Office

MTO Janitorial Understands the Special Needs of Cleaning a Medical OfficeIf you are in a medical office, you realize that it requires a special type of cleaning because of the nature of your business. From the moment a patient walks into your facility they judge the cleanliness of your business with their eyes and their noses. So it’s important to have a professional cleaning company in Prescott, like MTO Janitorial, that understands the special requirements of cleaning for a medical office.

  • A HEPA vacuum cleaner is necessary to protect indoor air quality and prevent microorganisms from becoming airborne which is always a concern. For this specific reason all our services includes the proper equipment, and our staff will wear proper personal protective equipment, such as latex or rubber gloves.
  • Our medical facility cleaning staff treats every surface of the medical facility like a potential risk to themselves, the nurses, doctors, medical staff, patients, and visitors. This is why we feel it is our responsibility to disinfect all areas that are touched daily.
  • We pay special attention to mops, cleaning cloths, and buckets that we use while cleaning. We also we make sure to keep always clean and organize any area designated to our equipment and supplies, like a janitorial closet.
  • We understand disinfecting and sterilizing procedures and the difference between them. Disinfecting means killing specific types of pathogens and microorganisms and is a very common requirement for cleaning most areas of a medical facility. Our staff follows the regulations established by OSHA.

Proper commercial cleaning of your medical office can help you keep your best foot forward at all times, from the waiting room to the examination rooms. In the Prescott area, just call MTO Janitorial for your medical office cleaning needs. They’re just a phone call away at 928-772-0004.