The Secrets of Dusting an Office Building

MTO Janitorial offers office cleaning services in Prescott.Do you collect fine art, books, cars, or coins? Are you more like me, and you collect dust? Do feel you less like a cowboy and feel more like a dust bunny rancher? The dusting chore is hard to keep up, especially in an office building. We’re going to explain what dust is, why dusting is important and why dusting improves environmental safety. MTO Janitorial in Prescott has some facts and tips about dusting an office building.  We’ll share them with you.

Dust is made up of particles that become airborne, and seem to invade affecting the appearance of any vertical surface you can think of: desks, shelves chairs, window sills, blinds, phones, computers, cabinets and chairs. Dust comes from sand and soil, pollen, soot, hair, mites, micro sized decaying insects and even dead skin. Eww!

Yep, dusting is that important.  Here’s what regular dusting does:

•    Helps avoid sick office syndrome
•    Encourages neatness
•    Promotes better work habits
•    Reduces absenteeism
•    Eliminates irritation to the eyes and lungs
•    Keeps allergens down
•    Keeps dust from accumulating in corners that are hard to reach
•    Eliminates dull build-up which can have a permanent affect
•    Helps the ventilation systems stay clean

Dust at least once a week basically between the eye level and knee level areas. Vertical surfaces such as sides of desks only need dusting twice a month, and less often for surfaces above eye level and below knee level.

Here are some ideas for being fastidious and able to pass the white glove test:

•    Start at the top and work down, at one end of the room and working in a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction.
•    Move objects, dust under them and place them right  back in their position. When cleaning in an office, don’t move papers, simply dust around them, lifting them only   slightly.
•    Don’t shake your dusting cloth over the floor. This only distributes those icky little nasty things we talked about earlier.
•    Use a damp micro fiber cloth to remove smudges – use only water.
•    Use a dry micro fiber cloth and gently wipe when dusting computer monitors. Avoid using paper towels and window cleaner – these only cause scratches. Use antistatic wipes that are manufactured for cleaning monitors.
•    Dust wooden surfaces such as desks and chairs with the grain, again working top to bottom.
•    Dust blinds by starting at the top and working downward. Close the blinds to get the entire surface. Then, close them to the other side and thoroughly dust there too.
•    Use a back pack vacuum to get to those hard to reach areas.
Remember to dust all of these too: exit signs, bars on exit doors, door frames, rails, light switches, trophy cases, clocks, picture frames air vents, lights and baseboards.

It’s not always practical to keep Prescott’s office buildings spotless single handedly, and you can’t always expect your staff to do it all. MTO Janitorial in Prescott understands that and that is why we are here. Learn about all the services we offer in commercial and office building cleaning, call for a free consultation at 928-772-0004.