The meaning of clean for commercial facilities

MTO Janitorial, your commercial cleaning professionals in Prescott, understands the meaning of cleanMTO Janitorial, your commercial cleaning professionals in Prescott, understands the meaning of cleanThe dictionary definition of clean is: free of dirt, marks or stains. But that definition wouldn’t hold up in a hospital setting or doctor’s office. There are other terms that differentiate the varying degrees of clean such as scrubbed, sanitized, and spotless. MTO Janitorial, your professional commercial cleaners in Prescott, want you to know that our definition of clean goes farther than just the surface.

Industry Standards: One industry expert defined cleaning as the removal of visible and invisible soil through mechanical and manual processes. Applying a cleaner to a surface and wiping it off does not mean that the surface is clean. In fact, the primary goal of cleaning is health protection.

Professional Cleaning: Experienced cleaning professionals understand that the meaning of clean is not limited to having a surface that appears free of dirt. If appearance is the only consideration, then surface cleaning would be enough. But to thoroughly clean means eliminating both visible and invisible dirt and germs.

Medical Cleaning: In a medical office where disinfecting and sanitizing is required, MTO Janitorial uses a HEPA vacuum cleaner to prevent microorganisms from becoming airborne, and follows the regulations established by OSHA in professional medical cleaning.

Restaurant Cleaning: Food service facilities have to pass strict health department inspections, so cleaning is more than just leaving your diner looking or smelling clean. Your facility needs to be ‘healthy’ clean.  Restaurant equipment that is not thoroughly cleaned could cause illness which could destroy the reputation of the restaurant.

MTO Janitorial understands the meaning of clean for your commercial facility in Prescott and provides quality, reliable janitorial services. If you have questions about our services, or for a free estimate, call us at 928-772-0004.