The importance of sanitizing, not just cleaning, the restrooms

For help in keeping your commercial restroom clean contact MTO Janitorial in PrescottWhen it comes to the process of cleaning the restrooms of your commercial facility in Prescott, MTO Janitorial understands the importance sanitizing, not just cleaning, the restrooms. Ignoring the plain facts about the restroom cleaning process can lead to an inadequate job which can result in physical illness.

Do you know about dwell time?

Perhaps one of the least understood, but most important components of all cleaning processes is the dwell time. Dwell time is the length of time in which it is recommended for a disinfectant to remain on a surface before it is removed, and the surface is dried. Just doing a quick wipe with a disinfectant and then drying the surface immediately does not get the job done right. You need to give the disinfectant enough time to completely do its job.

Getting the job done right

Public spaces are exposed to potentially hazardous microbial elements every day. Areas need deep cleaning and sanitizing of public surface areas. If the job is not done properly, infectious bacteria will grow unimpeded, with continual exposure to flesh and new bacteria added to it every day. Biological cleaning services make a huge difference in the health and welfare of the community your building serves. Whether your business is a retail company, service company, medical office or gym. Every kind of business that serves the public needs a commercial cleaning service that knows how to do the job and gets the job done right.

MTO Janitorial understands the importance sanitizing, not just cleaning, the restrooms in your commercial facility in Prescott. To get a quote for any kind of cleaning, please call us 928-772-0004.