The importance of cleanliness at your eating and drinking establishment

MTO Janitorial can keep cleanliness at the forefront of your Prescott eating and drinking establishment.Running a restaurant or bar and grill is a tough business. Success often depends on the whims of customers and consumer trends. However, there are some essential factors that can be controlled. MTO Janitorial discusses the importance of cleanliness at your Prescott eating and drinking establishment.

In order for your eating and drinking establishment to succeed and to be safe for your customers, cleanliness is a must! Here are some essentials:

  • Cleanliness must be the priority. The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) attempts to ensure that the U.S. food supply is safe. The concept behind this act is a change of focus from responding to contamination to preventing it. Restaurant owners must be proactive about cleanliness, not waiting until they receive a failing grade during a health inspection.
  • Consider the restrooms. Let’s face it, often a customer already seated at a table and almost ready to order will go into a restroom and return to the table. Whether hands are washed or not, the restroom is usually to get a sense of a restaurant owner’s priorities. Customers often determine what kind of things may be going on in the kitchen by how clean the restrooms are kept.
  • Menus are handled by hostesses, customers and servers. Consider establishing a duty for every menu to be cleaned before it is handed to a patron of your establishment. It will take an extra amount of time, but it will ensure that you are placing a clean menu on a clean table.
  • Your staff should participate and be a part of the solution. Regular staff meetings on kitchen operations are important. Employees need to take ownership of their workspace and keep it clean. Restaurant owners must organize checklists that delegate duties for the front-of- and back-of-the-house.
  • Bring in a professional cleaning and janitorial service to properly and regularly clean and sanitize every part of your eating and drinking establishment. There is no substitute for professionals who know and are experienced at what they are doing!

It will take some extra work to ensure a clean and safe eating and drinking establishment, but it will pay for itself in safety for everyone and in the customers who return. If you are ready to bring in the professionals and get your establishment cleaned and sanitized properly, call MTO Janitorial at 928-772-0004.