The importance of a clean environment at schools

Cleaning a school is very important work. This undertaking requires much attention to detail, in order to leave classrooms, gyms, lavatories, and offices both clean and sanitary. MTO Janitorial explains the importance of a clean environment at Prescott schools.

Here are special areas of focus:

Classrooms. Let’s face it: whether in elementary, high school or college, students are inclined to leave their classrooms a mess. These classrooms will be filled not only with clutter, but are a breeding ground for bacteria. A clean and healthy environment for students and teachers is essential.

Floors. Floors need to be mopped, cleaned and periodically waxed. Vinyl composition tile requires specialized cleaning materials.

Restrooms. Restrooms require more attention than any other areas of the school. Toilet paper shreds, waste, soap scum, hair, and a whole lot of things even more distasteful must be dealt with. It is essential to deal with all of these things when cleaning and effectively sanitizing restrooms. Disinfectants are required to clean toilets, stalls, sinks, and counters, and everything else!

A clean environment promotes successful learning. It prevents the spread of diseases which, in turn, prevent unnecessary student and teacher absences and medical costs. Every school needs to hire professionals who can expertly clean and disinfect the entire school building.

While you want to focus on the education of your students, your school cannot afford to neglect proper cleaning and sanitizing. For thorough cleaning and maintenance your Prescott school, call the professionals at MTO Janitorial. We understand disinfecting and sterilizing procedures and provide low cost school cleaning without taking shortcuts. For a free estimate, call us today at 928-772-0004 .