Store Cleanliness

Invest in a reliable janitorial service in Prescott, call MTO Janitorial.Large online retailers have made it convenient for us to shop from the comfort of our home. In most cases we can have the item arrive the next day, if we choose to. Online giants are obviously the largest competitor to the traditional retailer. Grocery stores have to take even more care, especially since Amazon purchased Whole foods. MTO Janitorial in Prescott is keeping up with industry cleaning standards and would like to point out that retail cleaning is more important than most of us might think.

The positive affects of cleanliness in the shopping experience:

•    Clean restrooms and pleasant scents – avoid dirty floors, spills and stains. Don’t neglect the shopping carts. Shoppers are more comfortable in a clean and healthy feeling environment. The more comfortable a store feels leaves an affect about how the customer feels about the retailer.

•    Tidy Fitting rooms and cash register areas – First impressions create customer loyalty. If one place is dirty, it’s likely that your customers will assume other areas will be as well. A thoroughly tidy store is more welcoming, and the quality of the cleanliness keeps patrons longer.

•    Keep your customers browsing – It’s more likely that customers feel less comfortable in a dirty environment and will leave a store sooner and not make a purchase. A clean and well maintained store will keep visitors browsing, exposed to more products and more likely to spend more money.

•    Overall appearance of your store – Retail cleaning has a powerful affect on your customers, whether they realize it or not. A first impression can be made as your customers enter through the doors, and even before. Increase your focus on the importance of your store to the shopper. Shoppers like to physically connect with brands and products.

Invest in a reliable janitorial service. MTO Janitorial is aware of the latest cleaning standards in retail. This is an area that is often under-budgeted. Cleanliness in retail is the look of success, and MTO Janitorial is here to help you continue to breed success. Call 928-772-0004 for a free consultation.