Spruce up your Prescott business with interior and exterior window washing

MTO Janitorial can improve the look of your Prescott commercial facility with sparkling windows inside and out.Something special happens when a commercial building gets a thorough professional window washing. The entire building seems to shine and sparkle in the sunlight. MTO Janitorial would like to spruce up your Prescott business with interior and exterior window washing!

When a commercial business keeps its windows clean, visitors and those who pass by sense that the owners care about the image they present. There are many benefits that a business receives from regular interior and exterior window washing. These benefits include:

  • Buildings age more gracefully. Although glass looks smooth to the eye, it is actually porous. Its surface is easily marred by dirt and dust. If not regularly wiped free of this collection of dirt and dust, your windows lose transparency and appear to be neglected.
  • Solar windows are more efficient. More businesses are installing solar windows on their commercial buildings. These windows help to cut energy costs while giving a modern, clean look to commercial structures. They also show customers that you care about the environment. Proper cleaning is important for your energy investment to remain efficient. When solar windows become coated with dirt, their power to save energy is reduced significantly.
  • Productivity from your staff is increased. Studies have proven that workers with exposure to windows during their day enjoy a higher quality of life than workers without windows in the workplace, especially when the windows are kept clean.
  • Clean windows help your business. Customers notice your attention to cleanliness and detail!

MTO Janitorial would like the opportunity to help your Prescott business with professional interior and exterior window washing. Call the cleaning experts at MTO Janitorial today at 928-772-0004. Our goal is to always provide our customers with the very best customized janitorial cleaning services possible, at the best possible prices.