Special Needs for Restaurant Cleaning

For professional restaruant cleaning in Prescott, cotact MTO Janitorial.The first thing a customer in your restaurant notices is how clean your kitchen and dining room is, not the quality of your food or drinks. No matter how many times a customer visits your restaurant, bistro, cafe or diner – if the facility is not clean, the experience will not be good. MTO Janitorial understands the requirements for maintaining a clean restaurant in Prescott and would like to look at some of the unique cleaning tasks.

Cleaning your restaurant countertops is something that must be done daily to avoid a buildup of grease and grime and bacteria. This means that a simple wipe down throughout the day is not enough to thoroughly sanitize the area, and this may leave food residue, which allows bacteria to breed.

Stove tops can easily become grimy with grease and spilled food build-up during the day while they are feeding your customers, so it is important to clean burners and surfaces at the end of the day.

Most commercial kitchens operate with gas burners; however, some use electric stove tops. There are different cleaning and sanitation procedures and products for each type of burner.

You may have a commercial oven with a self-cleaning feature, however, most commercial ovens must be manually cleaned at least once per week. Not only the interior of the oven requires cleaning, but also the racks and exterior surfaces.

Range hoods are designed to suck smoke and grease from cooking areas, so it is no surprise that they become extremely dirty. If they are not frequently cleaned, grease can build up and drip back onto cooking surfaces, contaminating food and creating a fire hazard. Because they are difficult to access, they are often overlooked. For high volume kitchens, you may need to hire a professional exhaust cleaning service once a month.

You could spend your time training restaurant employees on proper cleaning methods OR you can hire a commercial cleaning company, like MTO Janitorial, that has experts in cleaning food service facilities. Don’t risk health inspection failures because you don’t have the proper cleaning equipment for kitchens, floors, or bathrooms. Our job is to clean thoroughly, your job is to serve the best food and drink possible. To discuss your restaurant cleaning in Prescott and how we can help, contact MTO Janitorial at 928-772-0004.