Regular cleaning for your commercial facility

MTO Janitorial can help keep your Prescott commercial facility clean and safe for customers and employees alikeBasic cleaning of your commercial facility helps maintain a pleasant atmosphere for your customers and a safe environment for your employees. For these reasons, it is essential for cleaning to be done on a regular basis. What many businesses want to know is how often should cleaning take place? MTO Janitorial offers tips on a cleaning schedule for your Prescott commercial facility.

It may seem obvious, but your restrooms should be cleaned every day. In addition to cleaning, a professional cleaning service will also keep the necessary toiletries stocked, so you do not need to worry about running out of soap, toilet paper, or paper towels. If it is used by customers, a clean restroom conveys the subtle, yet powerful, message that you take the time to do things well.

Food Areas
Any area where employees or customers eat should also be cleaned on a daily basis. This is because food particles on countertops and floors are a prime breeding ground for germs and bacteria. Anyone who comes into contact with these germs and bacteria is at risk of becoming ill and spreading sickness throughout your business. It is vital that the hot spots for bacteria be properly sanitized. This includes countertops, microwaves, tables, door handles, etc.

The first impression you make on your customers will likely dictate how they view and interact with your company. Have your foyer cleaned every few days to prevent dust buildup and unsightly floors. If your foyer is very busy or if it is monsoon season, cleaning should happen daily.

Employee Work Space
Employee work spaces like desks are often forgotten about. The employees may dust them from time to time, but they are rarely sanitized. This means bacteria have an opportunity to grow. These areas should be dusted and sanitized once a week at minimum. Heavy usage may require additional cleaning.

How often you clean your windows depends on several factors. If you are in a busy area of town, your landscaping has a significant amount of dirt or sand, or there is inclement weather, you may need to have your windows cleaned more frequently. It is not likely that your windows will need to be cleaned more than twice a year, however, the window sills should be dusted on a weekly basis to avoid buildup.

Cleaning your commercial facility is an important part of doing business, but because it is not your primary business, it often gets overlooked. MTO Janitorial wants to help your Prescott business put its best foot forward for your customers and employees. We provide high-quality commercial cleaning services at an affordable price. Call us today 928-772-0004.