More summer traffic at your gym means more cleaning

Of all the things you may want your Prescott gym to be known for, “the dirty one” is probably not high on your list. The perception of cleanliness directly correlates to increased profits and customer satisfaction. MTO Janitorial has some best practice tips for maintaining a clean gym.


Dust settles everywhere and is more than just floating “dirt”. It’s made up of dead skin cells, animal dander, bugs and pollen. Cleaning it can be challenging as you can’t just brush it away. Dust needs to be wiped up if it’s to be gone for good. Be sure to move things on shelves and dust behind and underneath the equipment.  

Scrub the Floors

Unlike most establishments, people spend time on the actual floors of your gym. At least daily, scrub the floors with a skin friendly disinfectant. Use a low-foam detergent on the mats.

Hair and Debris

Humans lose hair all the time, but it seems to be more noticeable at the gym. Use a broom or vacuum to keep the floors clean. Also, door mats at your entrances will help to catch any debris brought in on customers’ shoes.

Form a Routine and Stick To It

A clean gym isn’t a once a week occasion. It’s a daily and even hourly chore. Equipment should be disinfected after every class, mats should be cleaned at least daily and the whole gym should be cleaned once a week.

Get Everyone on Board

Cleanliness doesn’t have to be just the janitor’s duty. Get your coaches and athletes on board as well. Post signs asking customers to wipe down equipment when they finish. Have coaches take care of their areas. Let customers see you cleaning the gym; they’ll be more likely to notice how much work it is and clean up after themselves. 

When it comes to that weekly shake-down, let a professional company like MTO Janitorial help out. They have all the experience and equipment to keep your Prescott gym clean and your customers coming back. Give them a call at 928-772-0004.