Look beyond day to day cleaning

Do more than day to day cleaning in Prescott with MTO JanitorialYour business represents your time and effort to provide a service or a product to the consumer. Most businesses handle the day to day cleaning in-house and that takes care of the surface cleaning.  However, as a business owner, if you continue to just clean the surface it becomes harder and harder because of the buildup of dirt and grime underneath. MTO Janitorial, your local Prescott commercial cleaner, is here to help.

There are some major items that should be done on a regular basis (annual or bi-annual depending on the traffic through your business) that will help you maintain a cleaner environment for your employees and your customers.

A few of the things you should do annually/semi-annually are:

Floor Care (hard floors) – Hard floor should be stripped, sealed and rewaxed in order to remove the grime that builds up from everyday traffic and allow the original beauty of your floor to shine through.

Floor Care (carpets) – Carpets help our environment by filtering and holding onto all the dirt and debris in the air around us. Over the course of a few months, that filter has trapped a lot of junk and it will continue to build up the longer you go between carpet cleanings. Even if you vacuum on a regular basis, there is still dirt building up in your carpets. A professional carpet cleaning should include vacuuming, treating and removing any spots, then steam cleaning the carpet to extract all the grime that has built up.

Windows – We look through the windows every day, so we often don’t realize how much dirt and film has accumulated on them. The windows should be cleaned inside and out on a regular basis, as well as cleaning out the tracks where dirt tends to accumulate. Clean windows will actually let in more outside light and help create a warm, positive atmosphere in your business.

Even if you have time to handle on all these tasks, they often times require special equipment and training that most business owners don’t have. Wouldn’t it be nice to just have it all take care of? We can help you just focus on your business. Treat your business to “clean” for the new year. For commercial cleaning in the Prescott area, MTO Janitorial is just a phone call away, call 928-772-0004.