Keeping your medical office clean and your patients happy

Patient satisfaction among healthcare providers includes a complex serious of questions. There is one thing all patients agree on: they expect their healthcare facilities to be clean. As with most meaningful changes, developing an environment of cleanliness originates from the top and should be rooted in a culture that prioritizes a sanitized, spotless environment. MTO Janitorial discusses how to address cleanliness in your Prescott medical office.

The Importance of Cleanliness

Facility, office or lab cleanliness should be among the top priorities for all healthcare facilities. In fact, just the appearance of cleanliness, or lack of cleanliness, has a large impact on patient satisfaction. When patients are offered face masks, hand sanitizer, and infection-control signage, they see your organization’s commitment to providing a clean environment. 


Your entire staff should know the reasons your facility is placing a concentrated focus on cleanliness. Communication should dictate doing this in a way that concentrates on patient safety.

Assign Responsibility

One person should be responsible for communication, education and creating teams or contracting with outside companies to accomplish the cleaning standards.

Focus on the Details

While specific responsibilities, such as the regulated disposal of hazardous and medical waste materials are obvious, exam tables, doorknobs, faucet handles, toilet seats, soap dispensers and exam room seating need no less attention and should be regularly cleaned and sanitized. And don’t forget to include the front entryway glass, floors and carpet.

While you want to focus on the care of your patients and the associated clerical responsibilities,  no medical office can afford to neglect proper cleaning and sanitizing. If you find that you need help thoroughly cleaning and maintaining your Prescott healthcare facility, call the professionals at MTO Janitorial. We understand disinfecting and sterilizing procedures and provide low cost medical office cleaning without cutting corners. For a free estimate, call us today at 928-772-0004.