Keeping your daycare center safe for the little ones

MTO Janitorial can handle all the cleaning needs for your Prescott daycare center or other commercial facility.
Daycare centers are not your typical cleaning job. They are places full of very energetic little people with no regard for hygiene and at a critical time in their lives for health. That’s why you can’t just apply a simple cookie-cutter approach to cleaning a daycare facility. MTO Janitorial can keep your Prescott daycare center spotless and safe for our little ones.

Kid-Safe Solutions
Since kids touch everything and often with the goal of putting it into their mouths, it’s important to use cleaning products that are effective at disinfection as well as safe for humans.

Air Quality
We use HEPA filters on our vacuums to make sure that anything we remove from the carpet won’t just resettle a few minutes later.

We know how little hands touch everything, so we pay special attention to disinfecting the critical zones, like the bathrooms. 

We can easily work around your schedule, offering cleaning solutions after hours or throughout the day as needed for your facility.

Bonded, Insured, Checked
You can feel safe with us as we are bonded and insured. Our crews also pass background checks and drug tests.

We guarantee it
A dedicated inspector who will get to know your facility and needs will be assigned to you, making any concerns just a matter of a simple phone call. 

You don’t want to take chances with the health of those little ones in your care and neither does MTO Janitorial. Let us help you provide a safe and clean environment so you can focus on the other important stuff. For more information and a free estimate, give MTO Janitorial a call at 928-772-0004.