Keeping schools clean and healthy

MTO Janitorial can keep Prescott schools clean and healthy with regular maintenancePrescott school environments should be kept clean, healthy and well-maintained. Consistent cleaning routines ensure a healthier, safer facility. MTO Janitorial recommends having a fixed maintenance plan in place.

Your maintenance plan should include these main areas of focus:

By cleaning all surfaces with a disinfectant you are essentially reducing the spread of illnesses by removing physical impurities, and killing germs living on the surfaces. Daily cleaning practices should include disinfecting commonly touched objects like doorknobs, desks, lightswitches, tables, keyboards, etc. Routine cleaning, especially during the flu season, will largely reduce the virus from spreading.

Deep Cleaning

    • Bathrooms and locker rooms: Floor to ceiling sanitization assures that all surfaces are clean and disinfected.
    • Carpets and floors: Deep cleaning all carpets should include extraction and sanitization. Hard floors (not tile) should be stripped and waxed.
    • Food service areas: Cafeteria areas should be thoroughly and routinely deep cleaned because of the risk associated with food preparation surfaces.
    • HVAC units: Washing vents, cleaning coils and replacing air filters allows maximum air circulation and reduces the possibility of circulating germs throughout the environment.

A well-cleaned school is not just about appearance; it is also about health and safety. If you are wanting to start a new cleaning program for your Prescott school, call MTO Janitorial today. We specialize in commercial cleaning and have the best and safest cleaning supplies and tools to get the job done thoroughly. For more information call us today at 928-772-0004.