How to keep your auto shop clean

MTO Janitorial can keep your Prescott auto repair shop clean and keep your customers coming back.Do you have trouble keeping up with the cleaning in your auto shop? When a customer enters a place of business, they immediately make judgments about the quality of the company based on the level of cleanliness. As an auto shop, it is essential to keep both the waiting area and the bays clean, because your customers will see both. Retaining customers is vital to the longevity of your business, so how then are you supposed to keep up with the daily battle of cleaning? MTO Janitorial discusses how to keep your Prescott auto shop clean.

Keeping the bay clean can feel impossible when you are working on dirty cars in various types of weather conditions that invite mud and dirt. Here are our a few suggestions to make a lasting impression with your clients:

Keep the Bathroom Clean
This may be the biggest pet peeve of customers who go to auto shops. The bathrooms are notoriously filthy. You can set your shop apart by merely keeping the bathroom clean. At the end of every shift, make sure to give the bathroom a once-over.

Everyone Cleans
With mechanics working all day, they are not going to have time to clean up after everyone else. However, they can be responsible for their areas. Let your employees know they need to clean up after themselves; you can offer incentives to help motivate them.

Keep Things Tidy
Clutter is nearly as bad as dirt. You can keep everything spotless, but if you have random items strewn about the shop, it will still be perceived as dirty. Remind employees to put things away where they belong. After all, they don’t want to spend all day looking for their tools.

Hire a Cleaning Service
Your mechanics are paid to fix cars. If you try to make them responsible for cleaning, it will likely cost you a lot of money. Instead, you can outsource the cleaning to a professional cleaning service who will guarantee their work, and they will do it promptly.

It will take some extra work to ensure a clean workspace and customer area, but it will pay for itself in retained customers. A clean workspace has also been shown to improve employee morale. Everyone wins when your auto shop is clean and tidy. If you are ready to bring in the professionals and get your shop cleaned up properly, call MTO Janitorial at 928-772-0004 .