How often should you clean your Prescott office?

Trust MTO Janitorial to keep your Prescott office or commercial facility clean and improve your customer appeal.Keeping an office clean is hard work and few really want to do it. But employers should make sure that their employees are working in clean environments. And your customers would also prefer to do business in a clean office or work space. MTO Janitorial recommends the following schedule to help keep your Prescott business looking its best.

Cleaning your phone, keyboard and computer
Office desks contain some of the most unhygienic components in the whole office. Phones, keyboards, mice, and computer screens are havens for germs, microbes, and bacteria. As a result, they need to be wiped down at at least once a week.

Your office desk
No matter whether your desk is well-organized or the definition of alarming, it’s important to keep it clean. A clean desk not only reduces stress but it’s germ free as well. Like the equipment on your desk, it is important to regularly clean it by straightening it (if necessary) and wiping it down once a week.

The office bathroom
Every surface in the bathroom should be cleaned every day. This means that the faucet handles, toilet bowl handle, toilet seat, soap dispenser, towel dispenser, door knob, and light switch should be wiped down with a safe disinfectant. The inside of the toilet bowl and floor should be well-scrubbed every week.

The office carpet and flooring
Carpets do a good job of hiding dust, dirt, and tracks so it’s important to vacuum the carpet every day to keep it clean and looking good. Regular vacuuming prevents dirt from being ground into your carpeting, which makes it harder to remove. The best time to actually clean your carpet is on the weekend. Remove all the office furniture you reasonably can, then shampoo the carpet thoroughly. If you can’t remove the furniture it’s important to at least vacuum the high traffic areas. Hard-surface flooring should be mopped with the appropriate cleaners at least once a week.

Everyone enjoys working in a clean environment. Don’t let germs and bacteria from poorly cleaned environments take their toll on your employees or business. If you want to be sure that your Prescott business is thoroughly and regularly cleaned, call the office cleaning experts at MTO Janitorial today at 928-772-0004.