How Often Should We Clean our Commercial Windows

For window cleaning or any of your commercial cleaning needs, contact MTO Janitorial in Prescott.When customers ask us how often they need their commercial windows cleaned in Prescott, we say “It depends.” Your storefront or facility is what customers see first.  First impressions will last forever, which is why it is important to keep windows and glass doors clean. Different factors will determine how often windows and glass doors need cleaning. While there are no rules on when to call MTO Janitorial, here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Location. If your business is on a main highway or busy street, it may need cleaning more often due to the dust from traffic.
  • Landscaping. If your building has trees that drip sap, mulched areas up against the building, or is alongside a parking lot, you may need more frequent cleaning because of the debris in the air.
  • Weather. If there has been recent rain or snow storms, that could be a reason to clean windows.
  • Structure. Architectural structures could have places where dust tends to gravitate more easily.
    One of the biggest factors on how often the windows should be cleaned is the type of business you run. Here are a few businesses that MTO Janitorial cleans and recommends:
  • Restaurants. We recommend every two weeks for restaurants, both inside and out. The obvious reason is that first impression of cleanliness. Handprints from patrons, as well as moisture and grease circulating the air will cause windows to look grimy.
  • Healthcare Facilities. Doctors offices, clinics, hospitals, etc., must present a spotless and clean environment. Once a month window cleaning should be sufficient unless in a very high traffic area. If the facility is clean and well cared for this will give the patients peace of mind that they too will be cared for.
  • Retail Stores. Lots of foot traffic requires at least once a month for window cleaning. When people pass by your location, you want them to be able to see your displays with no grime to look through. First impression will set you apart from the competition and keeping grime off the windows will surely help!
  • Office Buildings. Typically, office buildings do not need windows cleaned quite as often.   Location, Landscape, Weather and Structure will be your determining factors; otherwise, about twice a year should be sufficient. Just remember a business that looks grimy and untidy will give the first impression that business is not good or they just don’t care.

Don’t leave that first impression that your clients and prospects will have to chance. Let MTO Janitorial help you with your window cleaning in Prescott. Call us at 928-772-0004