How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Assisted Living Facilities

For all your commercial cleaning needs in the Prescott Area, please contact MTO Janitorial.Senior and assisted living communities are wonderful options for individuals as they get older and require a bit more help with everyday tasks, however, these facilities offer some unique cleaning challenges. MTO Janitorial would like to look at some of the challenges faced by assisted living facilities in Prescott.

Sensitivity – Many older residents are sensitive to chemicals and/or cleaning agents due to a compromised immune system brought on by age or disease

Surfaces – Many areas that help seniors with balance and stability, like chairs, handrails and door jambs need to be sterilized on a regular basis to maintain a healthy, germ-free environment

Because of these unique challenges, MTO Janitorial would like to share their guidelines for cleaning these types of facilities:

  • We use eco-friendly, biodegradable chemicals to eliminate occupant exposure to common toxins used in commercial sanitizers and cleaners
  • Clean air ducts and vents regularly
  • Clean all floors, rugs, and mats with a HEPA filtered vacuum to avoid dust and bacteria build up in carpets
  • Use microfiber mops, brooms, and towels to absorb water and cleaning chemicals efficiently
  • Ensure all handrails, chair rails, light switches, computer and entertainment equipment, restrooms, tables, and eating areas are monitored and sterilized
  • Remove all trash and soiled waste as needed
  • Clean carpets and scrub floors monthly to avoid the buildup of dirt and bacteria that can lead to slips and falls, or other respiratory and health-related problems
  • Thoroughly clean upholstery, especially arm and head rests as needed
  • Avoid the use of scented air fresheners, polishes, or cleaners, mainly pine scented, especially in enclosed or poorly ventilated areas to prevent the potential for a chemical reaction that creates formaldehyde in the air

A commercial cleaning company can be a huge asset to a senior or assisted living facility, as cleaning tasks are difficult to do during the regular work day of the staff. To get a quote for your commercial facility in Prescott, please give MTO Janitorial a call at 928-772-0004.