How clean is your gym?

Look to MTO Janitorial for expert commercial cleaning of your fitness gym in PrescottHave you ever considered that proper cleaning of your Prescott gym will extend the life of the facility? Usually, gym owners consider the equipment when thinking of the investment, but your facility’s interior is also an important part of your investment. And, the cleaner it is kept on a regular basis, the less need there will be for early renovation. So, MTO Janitorial asks you, “How clean is your Prescott gym?”

Other than simply cleaning the facility, a regular cleaning schedule will actually protect the interior and the components from premature rotting. Why? Sweat, uric acid and dirt will wear away the floors, fixtures and equipment. Regular commercial cleaning will keep these corrosive agents from working on your facility and it’s equipment.

Considering the right products to clean with is extremely important. You are looking for the balance of safe and effective for cleaning and killing germs. Having a regular cleaning schedule will allow you to utilize safer and less harsh cleaning products.

Your regular cleaning schedule
Coming up with a proper cleaning schedule will be determined by the size of your facility, hours of operation, the number of members, and the equipment you have. Spot cleaning of floors, equipment, and locker rooms should be done daily. You will need to determine how often the heavy cleaning is required. You may have to clean more often at the beginning, but that should lessen and become regularized as you continue to keep a clean gym.

MTO Janitorial, your commercial cleaning specialist in Prescott, caters to the gym industry and understands its special needs and requirements. We will work with you to design a cleaning regimen to keep your customers coming back and to keep the interior of your gym lasting longer, all within your budget. For a free estimate, or if you have any questions, call 928-772-0004.