Hospital cleaning

MTO Janitorial offers top quality commercial cleaning and disinfecting services for Prescott hospitals.Hospitals need to do all they can to prevent the spread of infection, but not all cleaning methods are the same. MTO Janitorial offers some ways to improve cleanliness protocols at your hospital in Prescott.

Product effectiveness
Cleaning products may say “99.99% effective” on the label, but that is not necessarily true. A lot of this data is gathered from a lab setting, not a household or any other practical setting – like a hospital. Therefore, these cleaners are not as perfect as they seem.

Proven cleaning methods
While the latest hot-market cleaner may not the best, there are some methods that are tried-and-true to keep your patient areas clean.

  • Switch to solid copper-based metals instead of standard wood and plastic surfaces. These metals have been shown to reduce bacteria on their own.
  • Use bleach-based cleaners, rather than chlorine-dioxide-based. Bleach cleaners are supported by many studies to reduce contamination and infection rates.
  • A “no-touch” cleaning technique uses devices that emit ultraviolet light or hydrogen peroxide vapor, disinfecting areas that a standard wipe can’t help.

Careful selection
Compare cleaning methods to find the right one for the job. Review each product for its effectiveness before choosing what to use at your hospital.

Prevent the spread of infection and help your patients stay healthy with a thoroughly sanitized hospital. MTO Janitorial, professional commercial cleaners in Prescott, can get the job done for you with reliable and quality service. Give us a call today at 928-772-0004.