Floors are everything to a business

Floors are everything to a Prescott business - MTO JanitorialWhen you own a business, you know the importance of making a good impression; but nothing says “unprofessional” like dirty floors right around entryways and common traffic areas. To make matters worse, you only have so much time before the damage become permanent. Fear not because MTO Janitorial, provider of commercial and carpet cleaning services in Prescott AZ, is here to make sure that your carpets stay clean and make your business shine.

Carpet can get out of hand faster than you might expect

If the flooring in your building is carpet, it most likely receives a high volume of traffic every day. That means that much of much of your carpet can begin to look dirty and begin to wear quickly, especially if you’re dealing with light colored carpet or carpet made of natural fibers. Which each day that the carpet delves further and further into dirt and mud, it can be harder and harder to clean and restore to it’s original finish. We recommend vacuuming once a week and deep cleaning your carpet at least once every month. Any less can lead to dirt and grime buildup that can shortly become irreversible.

Hardwood floors are hard to care for. When dealing with wood floors, it’s important to recognize that sunlight can seriously discolor and damage wood floors. Direct sunlight can lead to unsightly fading and warping, so to prevent damage to your floors, take a moment to tint your windows or place some furniture or a rug over the offending area.

In addition, hardwood requires specialized methods to properly and safely clean. Using soap and water is a no-no, and when using plain water, make sure not to use too much. Wood will absorb water and eventually cause them to warp. If the warping on your floors get too bad, it can go from a minor bump in the walkway to splitting and cracking, which can be a safety hazard. A thorough sweep on a bi-daily basis and regular attention from MTO Janitorial can keep your business’ wood floors looking good.

Your floors are everything! With more and more people looking down at their phone, your floors are more likely to be seen than ever. More chance to be seen means more chance to disgust your clients and look unprofessional before your services have even been offered. The state of your floors can be a crucial factor in the atmosphere and mood of your business, and, without the help of a professional clean, can quickly fall into ruin.

When it comes down to the bottom line, you’ve most likely already spent a lot of money on your floors in the first place, so why not keep it looking nice for a fraction of the cost of replacing it? Professional help when it comes to maintaining your floors, or any other business-related cleaning is not out of reach for even the smallest of businesses. Contact MTO Janitorial today for all of your Prescott business cleaning needs. We can be reached at 928-772- 0004 for more information.