February Office Cleaning Tips

For professioanl office cleaning contact MTO Janitorial in PrescottMTO Janitorial is a locally owned and operated cleaning business in Prescott that prides itself in high quality cleaning services of local businesses. Being in the middle of winter all our offices are closed up from the cold weather so some extra care is sometimes needed to keep everything clean. Office bugs can spread quickly especially with this year being a very bad cold and flu season. Keeping an office in tip top shape so your employees can work in a clean safe environment is important to us.

When using cleaning supplies it is important to remember, especially in the winter times that offices are closed up and not well ventilated. Also if you use a cleaning product during work hours make sure it will not get anyone sick. Some of our office cleaning tips are as follows.

  • Use Safe Chemicals
  • Use The Appropriate Chemical
  • Pay particular heed to the cleaning of “Confined Spaces”
  • Assess The Ventilation Status

Not paying attention to these simple tips can cause an unsafe work environment. MTO will always assist you in using the right cleaning supply for the right job. Cleaners should be employed whenever sanitizing or disinfection is not required. Cleaners are less hazardous than disinfectants and sanitizers. Mists, Vapors, and gases from cleaning chemicals can irritate eyes, nose, throat and lungs. Mixing cleaning products that contain bleach and ammonia can cause severe lung damage.

At MTO Janitorial we have many years experience in using cleaning products and keeping your Prescott area office in tip top shape. We understand that a clean work environment is a healthy and productive environment. We are a professional Janitorial Commercial Cleaning Company that is willing to take on challenges. If you have any questions about if you should use a certain cleaning product or not, please do not hesitate to call us at 928-772-0004.