Do you provide references?

Yes, we will provide 3-5 references with phone numbers to reach our clients; feel free to discuss our services with them.

How far do you travel to perform your services?

We travel within approximately a 60 mile radius in the Quad Cities.

How do we pay for services?

We will invoice you for any services or products during the first week of every month, and ask that you pay by the 10th of the month for the previous months’ service.

We do accept credit cards – Master Card and Visa only. You can call our Customer Relations Manager at: 928.899.8518 to pay over the phone with a card.

Are you bonded and insured?

Yes, for your protection we are fully insured and bonded. We will provide certificate of coverage upon request for our clients.

Do you require a service agreement?

Yes, both parties sign our service agreement, which is valid for one year from the date of signing. This is written evidence that you have agreed to pay for our services, while at the same time ensuring that your price for cleaning service will stay the same throughout the entire year. There is also a 30-day written notice that may be exercised by either party.

Does my company need to purchase any cleaning equipment or cleaning supplies?

We provide all cleaning equipment and cleaning supplies needed to perform the work, except for consumables such as paper towels, toilet paper, trash liners and hand soap.

If requested, we can supply these items under separate billing.

What if my cleaning day falls on a public holiday?

If your scheduled cleaning day occurs on a public holiday, we will contact you to reschedule the cleaning for another day, OR we may be able to make special arrangements to clean that day.

What is the procedure should anything be damaged or broken during the cleaning?

If we are responsible for any damage, we will have the item repaired or replaced.

Will my building be cleaned by the same people every night?

Yes, consistency is the key to quality. Once your building is assigned to our cleaning specialists, they will be the only people cleaning your building, unless there is a scheduling need to make a change, and you will be notified in advance.

How soon can you start to clean our facility?

We can begin cleaning as soon as we agree upon the proposal, although 2-3 weeks notice is helpful to us for staffing and scheduling purposes. Please know that if you find yourself in a situation where your previous cleaning company has quit without warning or notice, we will do everything we can to make arrangements to be there the next business day for you!

How do we communicate a concern or need?

We are available by phone or through our web site, if you prefer. We provide you with a Communication Log for issues that can be written directly to the cleaning specialist, and implemented during the following cleaning.

We are responsive to your needs and understand how open communication can enhance a professional relationship.