Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall can be a wonderful season to take on all of those long overdue office chores. From downsizing your desk contents to cleaning your floors. MTO Janitorial, provider of commercial cleaning services, is here to bring you some fall office cleaning tips that are sure to make your clients say “wow”.

  • Don’t be afraid of trashcans – If something doesn’t work, get it fixed or throw it out. Have any old copies of reports that you won’t ever need again? Shredders are wonderful way to protect private data and can make quick work of large stacks of papers needing to the thrown away.
  • Dust your desk and computer – While you clean out the rest of your office, don’t forget to dust and wipe down your desk, keyboard, and monitor. These can really accumulate food crumbs and dust and can lead to a gross workspace. Keep it clean to reduce nasty bacteria and germs.
  • Your windows are dirtier than you think – Grime can build on your windows that may not be apparent on the inside. Making your business look clean and tidy can take as little as a squeegee and a bucket of water.
  • Your windows don’t stop at the glass – Make sure to clean any drapes and window sills as well. It’s almost even easier to clean these than the windows themselves.
  • Your lights have bugs – Any light fixtures should be removed and wiped out. We still don’t know how bugs get in there, but there are surely some in every light socket.
  • Vacuum and de-spot furniture – Nothing says “bad company” like having a big fat stain right in the middle of your lobby couch. Lightly vacuum any upholstery you have, then use some stain remover, and vacuum up the excess.
  • Keep the kitchen clean – If your office has a kitchen, wipe down the counters and the inside of the microwave. Though most of your customers won’t see the kitchen, having a clean workplace is a great morale booster.
  • Clean the carpets – Even if you keep your carpets free of stains, it’s a good idea to have your carpets cleaned seasonally. This can keep the carpets from becoming permanently soiled.
  • Powerwash your parking lot – If you have a concrete parking lot. Besides your building itself, the parking lot is one of the first things that your clients will see when they drive up. Keeping this nice is a great way to impress your customers.
  • Organize your workspace – Make sure everything has a place and is well organized.

If you’re running your business, and have too much on your plate already, cleaning your office might be too much to think about right now. MTO Janitorial is here to help with all your commercial cleaning in Prescott! We can make sure that your office is clean, and with a maintenance plan, you can make sure it stays that way. Call us today at 928-772-0004 for more information or to schedule an estimate.