Create a clean environment for those winters

MTO Janitorial helps make your office a clean environment for those Prescott winters fromPrescott can have some crazy winter weather, 65 degrees one day and two days later it’s snowing. This is really a fun place to live with little breaks in the winter weather. Even though it gets a little warmer for a few days, our businesses here in Prescott deal mostly with winter conditions this time of year. MTO Janitorial has been a part of the Prescott for several years now, we pride ourselves in providing you with our top notch service year round. Especially giving you a clean environment for those Prescott winters.

Each season brings some different challenges that from a janitorial standpoint needs to be addressed based upon the time of year. When we clean your office we pay attention to every detail making sure your office is a perfectly clean work environment. When winter comes around we pay extra attention to the following areas to make sure your work environment remains a healthy clean work environment.

Dirty Windows: Windows are important in winter time to let that warm sunshine in stimulating employees giving them as much natural light as possible.

Clean Floors: Floors can be a big trouble spot in winter tracking mud, snow, sand and salt from sidewalks. Making sure rugs and mats are changed often and carpets are vacuumed everyday will keep that good first impression your business already has.

Disinfect, Disinfect, Disinfect: We really can’t stress how important this is. One little flu bug can wipe out an office for weeks. Pay attention to what people touch, not just the most  but everything, wipe it down with Disinfectant to kill those germs. Keep your office healthy.

 At MTO Janitorial we work hard to make sure your office space is the best it can be every time you walk into work. It is important to us that we create a clean environment not just for winter but all year round. If you have any question on how we can make your Prescott office sparkling clean, please call us at 928-772-0004.