Construction cleanup for your Prescott business

MTO Janitorial has the training and professional equipment to handle all your commercial cleaning needs.While most construction crews leave their finished construction sites fairly clean, they are not professional cleaners. MTO Janitorial discusses construction cleanup for your Prescott business.

The minute the work is done on the building, construction workers are thinking about one thing only: clearing out all of their tools and materials. The last thing they want to do is the work it takes to make your new building look as clean and beautiful as possible. That’s where MTO Janitorial comes in. This is what we do! Here are some of the tasks our professional staff will handle:

Initial interior cleanup
All of the debris will be removed from the site by our professional staff, and we will ensure that the floors are scraped, swept, and ready to be polished or have the carpet installed. The basic cleanup service will also wash the windows, dust all surfaces, and prepare the interior for a more thorough cleaning.

Final interior cleanup
After the carpeting has been installed and the building is ready to be shown to its owners, the MTO Janitorial staff will follow up with a final cleanup. We will vacuum and wash the carpets. We will detail all floors and make them ready for use. We’ll add all of the final touches to make your new building sparkle!

Exterior cleanup
We don’t just clean the inside, but we’ll give the exterior of the building the finishing touches as well. We’ll clean up debris, haul away any unused material, power wash the exterior of the building, and leave the outside looking great!

MTO Janitorial can provide superior construction cleanup for your Prescott business. If you want to be sure that your Prescott business is thoroughly and regularly cleaned, call the commercial cleaning experts at MTO Janitorial today at 928-772-0004.