Commercial carpets a mess after the recent snow? Here are some tips…

Let MTO Janaitorial help with those messy carpets after a snowfallWith winter weather, like our recent snowfall, commercial carpets can usually withstand the slush and mud that gets tracked in, however to keep your carpet looking good longer, MTO Janitorial would like to give business owners some tips for preventing the outside elements from spreading throughout your business and keeping your Prescott carpets from the wear and tear of winter weather.

One simple idea is matting in entrance and high traffic areas. This type of matting will help to prolong the life cycle of all other floor finishes susceptible to salt and water damage. High priority areas include front and side entrances which attract the highest amount due to foot traffic. A minimum of 15 feet of carpet located at an entrance will trap as much as 85 percent of dirt brought into a facility.

There are two options available to a business when looking for entrance matting: renting/leasing and purchasing. With rental matting, a facility pays for convenience, and the company will send someone to switch the mat on a predefined, regular basis. A facility may see a cost savings as great as 50 per cent when owning certain mats versus renting over a three-year life-cycle. It is important to compare the costs of each before making a decision.

There are a number of things to consider when getting matting to help protect your carpets – safety, function, design and, ultimately, budget. Another consideration is maintenance. If you have chosen to rent the matting, the vendor will take care of the maintenance. If you have purchased the matting, then the responsibility for maintenance is yours. The matting is there to protect your carpeting, but they should be vacuumed daily to prevent salt and mud buildup and potential transferring to the carpet. Once the winter weather leaves, you may want to clean the mats and store them until next year.

And once the weather leaves, it may also be time to clean not only the matting, but also your commercial carpeting. As much as you try to protect it, it still gets harder use during the winter months, because of slush salt and mud. In order to maintain your carpeting to ensure it looks good and lasts, you need to make sure that it is cleaned properly by a professional who has the training and the equipment to do the job right.

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