Cleanliness in your restaurant’s dining area

MTO Janitorial can help your Prescott restaurant clean and sanitary, so the customers keep coming back.Americans love to eat, and they love to eat at restaurants. But customers are quickly turned off when any part of a restaurant appears unclean, not to mention the fact that disease-causing germs can lurk in even the cleanest looking restaurants. MTO Janitorial discusses cleanliness in your Prescott restaurant’s dining area. Here are some things to consider:

People eat with their eyes. A spotless entryway and dining area give a customer the first impression of a restaurant’s quality. The parking lot should be pristine. Turn on all lights and open drapes or blinds before morning cleaning for the best view of things that need to be done. Look up at the air vents, ceiling tiles, lights and fans. You will discover they often collect dust quickly. Check for dust and even cobwebs on the table bases and chair legs. Customers don’t want to see these things! Pull booths away from walls and thoroughly clean them.

  • Germs hide in unexpected places. People often think of the restrooms and kitchen as the places in a restaurant most prone to germs. Surprisingly, the dining area harbors a shocking number of pathogens. Research has discovered that the average pepper shaker is coated with 11,000 bacteria!
  • Menus, particularly the plastic-coated ones, are actually the germiest items in a restaurant because they are handled so often by so many people. It makes sense. They are handled by the host, the customers and servers.
  • The ice machine is another location in which germs like to gather. If not emptied and cleaned regularly, a pink mold will grow and eventually develop into a thick slime. How disgusting! This not only poses a health risk, but it will alter the smell and taste of the ice.

MTO Janitorial reminds you that cleaning your Prescott restaurant’s dining area is an important part of your business. MTO Janitorial wants to help your Prescott restaurant or other business put its best foot forward for your customers and employees. We provide high-quality commercial cleaning services at an affordable price. Call us today at 928-772-0004.