Cleaning Tips for Commercial Facilities

MTO Janitorial can spruce up your Prescott commercial facility.Ahh, spring. It’s a time of flowers blooming, trees budding and nature coming to life all around us. As renewal is happening outdoors, many of us are inspired to freshen up our indoors with spring cleaning. Though you may not have an official spring cleaning schedule, MTO Janitorial has these helpful cleaning tips to help you spruce up the appearance of your Prescott commercial facility.

Landscaping – A well-maintained landscape can make your building look much more inviting. Spring is a time when the ground sprouts new growth, much of which are weeds. Consider weeding and putting down a pre-emergent herbicide. Adding new shrubs or flowers will give your landscape a needed makeover.

Windows – Winter weather has left its mark…and a lot of it is still on your windows. The film left on the windows may be dimming the inside of your building, too. Let in the light by cleaning windows both inside and out. And you may see moods brighten up as well.

Carpeting – Mud, salt and other debris have been tracked onto your carpets all winter long. Dirt causes wear and tear in addition to dulling the appearance of your carpeting. It’s time for professionally deep cleaning to renew the look and extend the life of your carpet

Office Furnishings – Now that your carpet is fresh and clean, you’ll want your office furniture to look just as vibrant. Having your upholstery professionally cleaned will remove the dust and debris that has collected over the winter months.

Air Conditioning – Before you switch from heat to air conditioning, have an professional inspect your HVAC system. Replace filters and inspect vents and ductwork to ensure you have a dependable system to take you into summer.

Insects – When the weather gets warm, those pesky insects begin repopulating. Infestations can cause major problems for commercial buildings. Be proactive in dealing with pests, looking for food sources, standing water or points of entry into your building.

Let MTO Janitorial help bring new life to your commercial facility with our expert cleaning services. Our trained technicians will do a walk-through with you to inspect and determine your cleaning needs. If your Prescott area commercial facility needs Spring cleaning, call MTO Janitorial today for a quote – 928-772-0004.