Cleaning the carpeting in your Prescott office

MTO Janitorial can keep the carpets in your Prescott business professionally clean and reduce wear and tear.We see a lot of Prescott businesses relying on vacuum cleaners to clean their carpets. While this is good for upkeep, it does not address the underlying problems. You can see where the high-traffic areas are in your office, where your employees take their coffee breaks, and where someone dropped their sandwich on the floor last month. MTO Janitorial takes pride in breathing new life into your office carpets, but we also want you to understand why it’s important.

Everyone knows a dirty carpet looks bad but did you know it is actually hurting your carpet? The dirt that gets on to your carpets contains grains of sand and tiny pieces of rock. When the carpet is walked on, these particles rub against and wear down the carpet fibers. Regular vacuuming is important to remove the dirt at the top, but it takes deep cleaning to reach the dirt that has settled into the carpet.

Spills are unavoidable. Coffee and food are just part of office life which means stains are, too. While these stains do not do the same damage as dirt, they are unsightly and can make your office look unprofessional. Cleaning sprays can have a hard time removing these stains, but professional cleaning is able to clean down to the carpet pad and remove the stains completely.

Short lifespan
As we mentioned before, dirt particles in the carpet damage the carpet fibers. This extra wear and tear can significantly reduce the lifespan of your carpet. In addition to cleaning, preventative measures such as doormats will help reduce excessive wear. Replacing carpet is very costly, so it is best to prolong its life as much as possible.

It’s important to have the carpets in your Prescott office professionally cleaned to remove the dirt and stains that normal cleaning can’t reach. Contact MTO Janitorial at 928-772-0004 to learn how we can bring life to your carpets.