Carpet cleaning methods for your business

MTO Janitorial recommends regular carpet cleaning for your Prescott business.Have you ever had carpet cleaned only to discover – to your shock – that the color of the carpet is actually beige, not brown? Don’t let the carpets at your business get this way. Maintain them often to keep your employees healthy, have a clean work space, and extend the life of your carpeting. MTO Janitorial shares some carpet cleaning methods to consider for your Prescott business.

Wet cleaning
You may be more familiar with the term “steam cleaning,” where the carpet is pre-conditioned with a cleaning agent that makes soils and oily substances liquefy. Then, water is heated near its boiling point, pressurized, and injected into the carpet fibers. In 10 to 15 minutes, the combination of water and cleaning agent is vacuumed up. This method helps loosen tough stains that go deep into the carpet.

Cleaning with an absorbent pad
If just routine maintenance and an inexpensive service is what you’re looking for, then this type of cleaning may be for you. Essentially, a towel-like absorbent pad is used with a rotary floor machine, spinning the pad on the carpet to apply a chemical solution into the carpet. Afterwards a pad is used to pick up the soil in the carpet. While it is a simple procedure, keep in mind it does push dirt and chemicals into the bottom of the carpet fibers.

Dry cleaning with an absorbent compound
Dry cleaning is really a simple process. Special cleaning agents are mixed and spread over the carpet, and massaged into the carpet with a machine with counter-rotating brushes. Just like wet cleaning, this mixture needs to be left on the carpet for 10 to 15 minutes, then vacuumed. Unfortunately, like the absorbent pad process, a lot of the soil may build up in the bottom of the carpet.

Dry foam or rotary shampoo
Another very simple method. The foam is called “dry” because it’s actually 90% air and only 10% liquid. It works in a similar way that dry shampoo works in the hair. Basically, the foam is worked into the carpet with a machine with rotating brushes (much like the last three methods) and then vacuumed up.

These methods are not one-carpet-fits all, so consider your needs before choosing a process. If you want to keep a clean office space for your business, consider carpet cleaning to be a part of a regular maintenance routine. For professional carpet cleaning in Prescott and any other commercial cleaning needs for your business, call MTO Janitorial at 928-772-0004.