Carpet cleaning for your Prescott business

MTO Janitorial is committed to always provide our customers with the very best customized janitorial cleaning services in Prescott.You might wonder why clean carpets are so important. Among the most important reasons for cleaning the carpet in your Prescott business are health and cost. MTO Janitorial offers those reasons and more to keep your carpets clean.

Save Money
New carpeting is expensive. Replacing a carpet that has been neglected is expensive and not necessary if it’s been regularly cleaned which helps to keep your carpeting in good condition. By keeping your carpet clean you save two ways: protecting your original investment and not having to spend money to replace it.

Bright lights, clean desks, streak-free windows and a smart décor go a long way to making a great impression on your customers. But no one misses a stained or dingy carpet, especially in a restaurant. A work environment that is otherwise clean will not look clean to anyone if the carpets are in obvious need of cleaning. Vacuuming should be done nightly but a regular, thorough deep cleaning is a must to get out tough stains.

Fresh smelling
A carpet in need of deep cleaning smells…there’s just no other way to say it. Some businesses are more prone to the causes of carpet odor than others, like restaurants or businesses involving children or animals. If food or beverages are spilled or your carpet or your carpet is subject to urine, excrement, vomit (sorry) or even animal fur, it’s subject to odor. Routine carpet cleanings are absolutely necessary if you want a fresh-smelling carpet.

Regularly cleaning your office carpet minimizes dirt, dust, allergens, hair, bacteria, and whatever else gets tracked in from coworkers, vendors and visitors. Don’t let a dirty carpet contribute to your employees or customers getting sick. A clean carpet is essential to a healthier environment.

If the carpets in your Prescott business are in need of cleaning or you want the benefits of a clean carpet, call the cleaning experts at MTO Janitorial today at 928-772-0004. Our goal is to always provide our customers with the very best customized janitorial cleaning services possible, at the best possible prices.