Businesses enjoy the holidays more with a professional cleaning services

holiday cleaning services in Prescott by MTO JanitorialThe Holidays can be a great time for a business. With all the increased sales and additional hours worked to keep up, we might tent to be a little lax on the cleaning. Business owners should keep in mind that, as many as 85% of customers will avoid a business that they consider “dirty”, this not something you cannot skimp on. MTO Janitorial, your locally owned commercial cleaning service in Prescott, would like to remind you that you shouldn’t take a chance on losing a customer because you were too busy to clean during the Holidays.

Some areas that customers may notice:
Hard floors
High heels, hard soled shoes all leave their mark on your floors. It is not only important to keep these surfaces clean, but also to use the proper cleaning products. If you use the wrong products your floors may end up streaked and dull. Rather than the shiny and clean floors your customers want.

Remember, that the carpet doesn’t always show all of the dirt it catches. All the residue that falls to the carpet builds up in a very short time and can shorten the life of your carpet considerably. With the increased Holiday traffic it is very important that you vacuum your carpeted areas on a regular basis.

If your business has a restroom for customers, it should be clean and deodorized often and stocked with the proper supplies. Parents often take little ones with them when they use the restroom and kids tend to touch everything. A dirty restroom could easily cost you a return customer.

With all the additional work this Holiday season, let us remove the stress of cleaning your business, maybe you won’t have to hire that extra employee. We will get the job done fast, efficiently and take care of all the details that give your business that professional look!

Don’t let a “dirty” business cost you customers this Holiday season. We know there are only so many hours in the day and the season can get busy. Maybe it’s time to get the help you’ve been thinking about since last year. Take a minute and call MTO Janitorial for all your Prescott commercial cleaning needs at 928-772-0004 for a free estimate.