A checklist for professionally cleaning your salon

MTO Janitorial offers professional commercial cleaning for your Prescott business to keep your customers coming back.Prescott salon owners know that they are required by law to ensure a clean environment to prevent outbreaks of communicable diseases and bacterial skin conditions. MTO Janitorial has some recommendations to help Prescott salon owners and their staff maintain the State’s high standards, and keep your customers coming back.

At a glance
Survey the entire space as a whole: floors, counters, displays, etc. They must be clean and visibly free of smears, dust, and smudges.
Floors, especially the corners, should be free of hair and trash.
The chairs and seating space must be clean.
Soiled towels should be in a closed container.
A fully-closed clean cabinet should contain all the clean, unused towels.
Discard all debris. Debris can subject owners to fines.

Anything, literally anything, that touches your client – combs, brushes, clippers, shears, razors, rollers and nail instruments – must be sterilized between uses to prevent infection and disease.
Shampoo bowls are to be cleaned thoroughly and also sanitized between uses.
Foot spas, and every instrument used to provide manicures and pedicures, must be cleaned with soap and water, then disinfected using a professional-grade bactericide, virucide or fungicide.
Disinfectant should be left on counters at least 10 minutes before wiping with a clean cloth.
At the end of every day and the end of every week foot spas must also be disinfected and cleaned and recorded as having been cleaned.

Bathrooms should not be used as storage rooms for cleaning supplies, instruments, robes or stock.
Keep the bathroom clean including the toilet, sinks, faucets, and floors and well disinfected and supplied with toilet paper, paper towels, antibacterial soap and hand sanitizer.

Sign off
At the end of the work day the staff should sign off that everything has been inspected, cleaned and ready for business. Anything lacking must be addressed and corrected.

If you would prefer to have your Prescott salon cleaned by the professionals, leaving you more time for clients, call MTO Janitorial today. For a free consultation and estimate call 928-772-0004.