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Fall commercial cleaning challenges in Prescott

October is a great month for professional cleaning companies and property managers to discuss cleaning procedures and prepare cleaning and maintenance plans for the coming fall and winter. MTO Janitorial talks... read more

How to keep your customers coming back to your Prescott retail store

Don't think that customers don't notice whether or not your business is clean. They do and it makes a difference. In this age of hand sanitizers on every counter, people... read more

An office cleaning checklist for your commercial facility in Prescott

When you are paying for an office cleaning service, you want to make sure to get what you pay for. MTO Janitorial shares an office cleaning checklist for your commercial facility... read more

Cleaning up after your Prescott office remodel

Renovations are famously messy projects and most contractors are not going to leave your newly-remodeled Prescott office clean. Lingering construction dust is not only annoying but it can be harmful to... read more

Cleaning day care facilities

If you have children in day care, you are likely familiar with illnesses associated with the spread of germs. Keeping children healthy requires keeping the child care environment clean. MTO... read more

Tips on how to choose your commercial cleaning service

Are you considering hiring a janitorial service for your commercial facility? If so, here are a few recommendations from the professionals at MTO Janitorial on choosing the best janitorial service... read more

MTO Janitorial guarantees satisfaction when cleaning your commercial facility

Are you satisfied with your current commercial facility cleaning service? Does your current janitorial service meet and exceed your expectations? MTO Janitorial guarantees satisfaction when cleaning your commercial facility in... read more

Is your medical facility really clean, or does it just look clean?

MTO Janitorial is the premier commercial cleaner for your Prescott medical facility.Medical offices, whether doctor, dental or labs deal with peoples' health and well-being. These are not spray and wipe... read more

Deep cleaning schools before the kids go back to class

Summer vacation is well underway and the kids are enjoying being away from school. Now that the classrooms are empty, this is the perfect time to deep clean the entire... read more

Monsoon cleanup for your commercial facility

Are we in the middle of the monsoon season or is it coming to a close? It has been an amazing season so far, and will be bittersweet when it... read more

The importance of sanitizing, not just cleaning, the restrooms

When it comes to the process of cleaning the restrooms of your commercial facility in Prescott, MTO Janitorial understands the importance sanitizing, not just cleaning, the restrooms. Ignoring the plain... read more

The benefits of regular window cleaning

MTO Janitoral explains benefits of regular window cleaning in PrescottLet’s face it, spending your day carrying a bucket of water and squeegee while climbing on ladders is not the most... read more

How Commercial Cleaning Can Help Assisted Living Facilities

Senior and assisted living communities are wonderful options for individuals as they get older and require a bit more help with everyday tasks, however, these facilities offer some unique cleaning... read more

How clean is your gym?

Have you ever considered that proper cleaning of your Prescott gym will extend the life of the facility? Usually, gym owners consider the equipment when thinking of the investment, but... read more

Things to consider when choosing a commercial cleaning service

Considering a commercial cleaning service for your business? There are a number of cleaning companies that offer a variety of services leaving you wondering which to choose. MTO Janitorial offers... read more

Keeping your restaurant clean and customers coming back

Not only is cleanliness important to the health department, but to your customers, too. Once a customer discovers an unclean area in a restaurant, it is difficult to bring them... read more

The meaning of clean for commercial facilities

MTO Janitorial, your commercial cleaning professionals in Prescott, understands the meaning of cleanThe dictionary definition of clean is: free of dirt, marks or stains. But that definition wouldn’t hold up... read more

what you can expect with commercial floor cleaning

Lots of foot traffic takes its toll on your floors. Because it’s gradual, you may not have noticed the scuffs, dirt or hazy appearance. MTO Janitorial reminds you that your... read more

Enhance the shopping experience by keeping your retail store clean

The more appealing you can make your retail store, the more merchandise you will sell. If the store is dirty and unkempt, hiring a company like MTO Janitorial to help... read more

Office furniture cleaning - “We do that!”

Office furniture is one of the most touched--and probably the least cleaned--areas of your business. Oil and grease from hands are constantly left on desk chairs and other furnishings. Dust,... read more

Cleaning Tips for Commercial Facilities

Ahh, spring. It’s a time of flowers blooming, trees budding and nature coming to life all around us. As renewal is happening outdoors, many of us are inspired to freshen... read more

Tips for Spring Maintenance for your Business

Spring is here and many people use this time of year to get things back in order after the winter months. In Prescott, Spring cleaning isn’t just for homes, it’s... read more

How Often Should We Clean our Commercial Windows

When customers ask us how often they need their commercial windows cleaned in Prescott, we say “It depends.” Your storefront or facility is what customers see first.  First impressions will... read more

The Importance of Clean Schools

With the high rate of school absenteeism due to student illnesses, preventing the spread of germs and viruses depends heavily on maintaining a clean school environment. Cold and flu viruses... read more

Everything you need to know to start Spring cleaning your office

Spring is just around the corner and many offices have Spring cleaning on their To-Do list. It’s not always the first thing on our list, but it’s a definite need... read more

Create a clean environment for those winters

Prescott can have some crazy winter weather, 65 degrees one day and two days later it’s snowing. This is really a fun place to live with little breaks in the... read more

February Office Cleaning Tips

MTO Janitorial is a locally owned and operated cleaning business in Prescott that prides itself in high quality cleaning services of local businesses. Being in the middle of winter all... read more

February Cleaning Tips

The winter months can be hard on your office. MTO Janitorial in Prescott would like to remind you that taking special care of your cleaning during the winter months will... read more

Commercial carpets a mess after the recent snow? Here are some tips...

With winter weather, like our recent snowfall, commercial carpets can usually withstand the slush and mud that gets tracked in, however to keep your carpet looking good longer, MTO Janitorial... read more

Helping With Your Construction Project Cleanup

Your construction or remodel project is done, the contractor has packed up all his tools and is ready to leave the site. But the project is not really done yet.... read more

Special Needs for Restaurant Cleaning

The first thing a customer in your restaurant notices is how clean your kitchen and dining room is, not the quality of your food or drinks. No matter how many... read more

Commercial Cleaning And New Year's Resolutions

We don’t often think about our business cleaning needs when making New Year resolutions, but MTO Janitorial would like to share some resolutions every business should consider for 2018. Now... read more

The Special Needs of Cleaning a Medical Office

If you are in a medical office, you realize that it requires a special type of cleaning because of the nature of your business. From the moment a patient walks... read more

Having Your Office Cleaned So The Empoyees Don't Have To

We all know that your workplace is often like a second home. You spend 6-10 hours a day there, and you’re busy most of the time. How many times have... read more

After The Party!!

MTO Janitorial knows it’s the Holiday season and many Prescott businesses may be hosting holiday parties. It’s fun to socialize with the employees away from the day to day work.... read more

The Cost of Commercial Cleaning...Is It Worth It?

Hiring a professional cleaning service in Prescott, like MTO Janitorial, will provide your business with a number of benefits. Most businesses find that hiring a professional to do the cleaning... read more

Why Businesses Should Use a Professional Window Cleaner

Clean windows can make your business brighter and improve its overall appearance. But it’s not as easy as grabbing the Windex and some paper towels. MTO Janitorial discusses some of... read more

Look beyond day to day cleaning

Your business represents your time and effort to provide a service or a product to the consumer. Most businesses handle the day to day cleaning in-house and that takes care... read more

Clean your offices before the holidays

Although it’s a good idea to keep your offices clean all year round, it is especially important before the holidays. There’s a lot going on around the holiday season, and... read more

Businesses enjoy the holidays more with a professional cleaning services

The Holidays can be a great time for a business. With all the increased sales and additional hours worked to keep up, we might tent to be a little lax... read more

Floors are everything to a business

When you own a business, you know the importance of making a good impression; but nothing says “unprofessional” like dirty floors right around entryways and common traffic areas. To make... read more

Let us clean up your Halloween mess

Halloween can bring out the creative, childish spirit in some office employees. From costumes and glitter, to fake spider webs and candy; employees love to spice up their work day... read more

Hiring a professional cleaner for your business might be a great idea

Keeping your business looking clean and professional is no easy task. To top it all off, all of the time you spend cleaning your business is taking up valuable time... read more

Fall Cleaning Tips

Fall can be a wonderful season to take on all of those long overdue office chores. From downsizing your desk contents to cleaning your floors. MTO Janitorial, provider of commercial... read more

How Often Should You Clean Your Commercial Carpet?

Do you own a business with carpeted floors? If you have not cleaned them in a while you may be surprised what they look like when they are clean. MTO... read more

Commercial Construction Cleanup When Remodeling

Thinking about replacing those old bathroom fixtures and privacy screens? There are many things to take into consideration when it comes to construction for your business. New tile, counters, flooring.... read more

Why You Need a Professional Window Cleaner

There’s more to cleaning windows in Prescott than just to soap up and squeegee away. Windows accumulate dust, dirt and grime before we know it. The combination of rain, snow,... read more

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

As a business owner, you can save yourself money by leasing equipment and doing the work yourself, however this is not something you want to do with commercial carpet cleaning... read more

Waiting Room Cleaning: How to Combat Icky Germs

Door knobs: Hands pass on more germs than any other body part, and dozens of hands touch the door knobs every day. Wipe them clean with disposable wipes after every... read more

First Impressions Customers Have on Your Business

We all want to make a first impression especially when we’re going to meet someone for the first time. We want to make sure our hair is in place, that... read more

The Importance of Commercial Cleaning

When you walk into a clean business, how does it make you feel? You are likely to feel confident in the way they do business, comfortable in knowing that you... read more

Commercial Cleaning of Auto Dealerships

Cleaning a car dealership can be a daunting task. You wouldn’t consider asking anyone who’s income is commission driven. A sales associate is not paid just to be there. Technicians... read more

The Secrets of Dusting an Office Building

Do you collect fine art, books, cars, or coins? Are you more like me, and you collect dust? Do feel you less like a cowboy and feel more like a... read more

Store Cleanliness

Large online retailers have made it convenient for us to shop from the comfort of our home. In most cases we can have the item arrive the next day, if... read more
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