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What type of professional cleaning does your business need?

MTO Janitorial offers expert commercial and janitorial services for your Prescott business.What types of services does your Prescott business need from a professional cleaning company? And what type of property is your business? And how often does your business need janitorial services? These are just a few questions designed to help Prescott business owners know exactly what they need to have managed by a professional cleaning service. MTO Janitorial offers some insight into various types of cleaning services required by businesses.

Standard commercial cleaning includes floors, carpets, restrooms, dusting and wiping down desks and switch plates, walls, kitchen and break rooms, window cleaning and trash removal. Other cleaning services can be industry-specific and tailored to meet the special needs of public education facilities, medical and healthcare, or industrial locations.

Education Facilities

Whether a university or a small child care center, it is very important to have a learning environment free of sanitation worries. Professional janitorial cleaning services use up-to-date cleaning techniques and safety-conscious products to sanitize the learning environments for the protection of students and staff.

Medical and Healthcare Cleaning Services

Healthcare facilities abound. A sterile environment is imperative and that is why professional cleaning companies focus on patients’ safety to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria and to reduce and even prevent cross-contamination. Special training should be required for janitorial cleaning companies who provide cleaning services to health and medical facilities.

Industrial Cleaning Services

Industrial cleaning is unique to the business and generally requires an on-site visit in order to interpret the exact cleaning requirements of the business. Specialized equipment and machinery and other features of the business can all be addressed in a custom-tailored plan.

MTO Janitorial employees are highly trained and use cleaning products specifically formulated for the task at hand. No matter what type of Prescott business you have, MTO Janitorial can provide ongoing professional janitorial services that meet the specific needs of your company. Call MTO Janitorial today at 928-772-0004 to schedule your free estimate.



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