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Keeping your restaurant clean and customers coming back

MTO Janitorial will help keep Prescott restaurant cleanNot only is cleanliness important to the health department, but to your customers, too. Once a customer discovers an unclean area in a restaurant, it is difficult to bring them back. MTO Janitorial will help you keep your Prescott restaurant clean so that your customers keep coming back for your delicious food.

You invest so much with your unique recipes and ambiance, don’t let cleanliness (or lack thereof) be a problem. A clean dining and cooking area are so very crucial to your success and how your restaurant is perceived by the public, not to mention the health department.

It is important to hire a cleaning company that is familiar with the unique needs of a restaurant, as the use of chemicals need to be safe for restaurant and kitchen cleaning. Food prepared and served from a clean area is just better! And the health inspectors will be watching, too. Here are just some areas that must be focused on within the kitchen:

•Clean and degrease exhaust hoods, fans, filters and ducts
•Empty grease traps
•Clean hood and exhaust system
•Scrub broilers, ovens, stoves, steamers and fryers
•Clean and sanitize countertops and stainless steel
•Clean additional appliances
•Power wash/power scrub floor and wash walls, clean behind and under shelves, stoves, and refrigerators

The dining area is every bit as important as the kitchen, as this is where you customers will be spending time with friends and family. They will expect your restaurant to be cleaner than their own kitchen and dining area. When we clean your dining area here are some areas of focus:

•Floors need to be spotless
•Tables and chairs – cleaned and sanitized
•Waitress/Waiter Station areas – cleaned
•Bar area – Cleaned and sanitized
•Restrooms – All surfaces scrubbed and cleaned and restocked
•Whatever else is unique to your dining establishment
•Windows and doors. Don’t overlook these areas

MTO Janitorial caters to the Prescott restaurant industry and understands its special needs and requirements. They will work with you to design a cleaning regimen to keep your customers coming back and the health inspectors happy, all within budget. For a free estimate, or if you have any questions, call 928-772-0004.



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