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Cleaning up after your office remodel

Trust MTO Janitorial to thoroughly clean your Prescott commercial facility.Renovations are famously messy projects and most contractors are not going to leave your newly-remodeled Prescott office clean. Lingering construction dust is not only annoying but it can be harmful to your employees and customers. Once your project is finished, MTO Janitorial describes how the entire space should be properly cleaned.

After the tradesmen and debris are gone, you are likely to find construction dust for weeks afterward. The standard is “broom-swept” which typically involves removing the larger pieces of debris and finishing with a broom or damp mop. If the dust is particularly noticeable, some contractors may use a wet towel to wipe things down.

Whether you renovated your store, restaurant, or small business, MTO Janitorial recommends you arrange for a thorough post-remodel cleanup.

You've waited weeks, and sometimes months, for the finishing touches on your remodel to be completed. Do you really want to undertake the work of thoroughly cleaning your masterpiece? Consider the list below and decide whether or not you might be happier and better off using a professional cleaning service to return your project to pristine condition.

A professional post-construction cleanup should include the following:

  • Sweep and vacuum all surfaces, including ceilings, walls, window sills and frames

  • Mop and disinfect floors

  • Vacuum all upholstery

  • Wipe down doors, knobs, baseboards, moldings, hinges and hardware

  • Thoroughly wipe down and sanitize the bathrooms and kitchen areas, including countertops and appliances
  • Dust all ducts, grates, vents, blinds, ceiling fans, and lighting fixtures

  • Clean inside and outside of shelves and upper and lower cabinets

  • Clean inside all closets and storage areas

If you've recently renovated your Prescott business and are still seeing the effects, call the expert cleaners at MTO Janitorial at 928-772-0004 for a free estimate. 



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